Classes, Workouts and Coaching

Based out of P.A.C.E., Solid Core makes use of their large and well-equipped gym, along with the attached support team of physical therapists and massage services. Whether you just want to stay active and injury free in life or if you have serious athletic goals, Solid Core Training will assist you in reaching your peak potential.

  • Daily Core Strength Training: Monday through Thursday, early morning group classes include: a dynamic warm up, core and abdomen strengthening routines, strength, power, speed and agility drills, then an active cool down session. Also specific training in the proper instruction and use of the foam roller recovery technique, an effective way to improve muscle flexibility, decrease lactic acid, and minimize muscle tightness post workout.
  • Wednesday Night Bike Intervals: Evening cycling interval classes are also available from Solid Core Training. These once-a-week workouts are geared to simulate whichever cycling season is upon us. These are as fun as a difficult workout can be, often times called a suffer-fest. Includes: camaraderie with other cyclists training as hard as you are, another opportunity to tap into Jeff’s knowledge of the sport, and proper recovery techniques.
  • Personal Coaching: If you’d like to improve your endurance for recreational cycling, or win a National Championship, Jeff will develop a personal cycling training program to enhance your performance so you can achieve your goals. Whether you have 1 hour a day or 20 hours a week, Jeff will design a realistic schedule for you to incorporate into your working and home life, one that you can maintain with some reasonable flexibility, to get you on your way to being the best you can be. This program will also include proper recovery habits and nutrition, instruction on proper riding techniques, race strategies (if you so desire), and suggestions on recommended cycling equipment.